Tuesday 30th November 2021

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Our SV Borewell lorry comes to the working spot with an talented technical and non technical crew in a perfect time. Our Borewell lorry was filled with necessary equipments for Borewell drilling,Drilling bit,Hammer,Drilling Rig ,Casing pipes, Borewell tools, Sufficient diesel,and Borewell machine that an Main high pressure compressor with that we can drill up to 2000 feet.these are the items are placed on Borewell lorry in Hyderabad.


Our Hydro Geologist comes with an newly invented instruments and calculate the depth, volume and running stream of an water. And finally our geologist find the ideal point for borewell drilling. some of our non technical workers follows the traditional method of swinging a pendulum and marching towards the drilling point. this both ways of identification helps us to find the right place and adjust according to our customers sophistication. our crew members mark that borewell drilling point accurately. all these equipments are found in our Borewell lorry in Hyderabad.


At present SV Borewells contractors in Hyderabad having four borewell lorry in Hyderabad and also planned to improve further. It is our pleasure to provide the water to your growing needs.we offer a low borewell drilling cost to our customers, not for so much profit. we also contributing our presence in particularly during times of drought and low rainfall. we quickly take action for our customer’s needs. Our SV Borewell agencies in Hyderabad them workers are really putting them hard work to present a fine quality of Borewell service


After an pooja to the underground goddess by SV borewell agency crew members. Borewell Drilling rig was vertically placed on the drilling spot our newly improved compressors are really high in performance an less in sound making. we considerably reducing much noise pollution to you and your neighbourhood families.our Borewell drilling rigs constantly driven into the soil up to 100 feet with our highly transferable Borewell drilling bit. above this 100 feet, soil surface ends. And the hard rock started we changing our drilling bit into high pressurised rotary borewell drilling bit and we relatively reducing the time consumption.


We always try to fulfill our customer expectations such as Borewell drilling above the certain feet. Finally we done it and makes them happy by our Borewell service. after an end of this Borewell drilling process. All the borewell drill bit lengths were lifted from the bore hole and the bore hole was perfectly sealed with cover in order to avoid the accidents such as animals fall.

Our SV Borewell agencies Technical staffs giving advice for selecting an Borewell pump according to their needs and depth. Also we recommend our customers to select latest submersible pump and also our workers fix that submersible pump in a appropriate depth. so that it provides you well integrated speed and crystal clear water. And also submersible pump is self primed without intervention, it works efficiently, it is also a versatile pump Sump pump is used to keep water out of your basement this thing protect the foundation of your house and the structural uprightness of the house as well.

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